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  • The Cult - FAQ Section

    I Got Kicked from the Discord Server, what do i do?

    • If you were Kicked, Banned etc you will have a DM from us with the reasoning behind it.
      - Feel free to open a Support ticket to dispute this, if you would like to return.

    • IF You DONT have this DM, the Discord server Probably got deleted by Discord.
      - If you have your Discord Linked you will be ported to the newest server, everytime automatically.

    Is my Purchase instantly available?

    • Yes, our Store is Instant Delivery
      - Look for the Links that shows up after purchase!

    Does my key-timer start after purchase?

    • No, it only starts when you activate it in the product loader.

    How do i Redeem my Carry / Quest run?

    • Go to "Support" and open a Carry / Questrun Ticket
      A Carrier will reply to you ASAP and set a time.

    Where do i find my key?

    • Your keys can be found Here! 
      - Click "Manage" on the Purchase, you would like to view the Key for.

    Where do i find the Guides?

    • Our Setup Guides & Checklists can be found Here!

    Where do i find the Loaders?

    • You can find the Loaders, in our "Downloads" section at the top of our page.

    Where do i Check Status of a Product?

    • You can check the current status for a product Here!

    How do i check my Windows Version & Edition?

    • Hit your "Windows" button, and type "winver" - Hit "Enter"

    How do i open a ticket for Support / Help?

    • Navigate to our "Support" tab or click Here! 
      - Select the corresponding Department and fill the Form.

    How do i redeem my Carries / Service i purchased?

    • Navigate to our "Support" tab or click Here! 
      - Select "Carries" OR "Support" and we will link you up with one of our Carriers.

    What is BEDaisy? - How do i close it?

    • BEDaisy is EFT's AntiCheat
      - It will throw this Error if you are attempting to "Inject" or run a Product while BSGLauncher is Open. 

      Simply CLOSE BsgLauncher and try again.

    My key says "Expired" but is "Valid" on my Order List?

    • Your "Order" on the Website is "Active" because you purchased it here, it has no link to your Key state of the Product.

    My key says Invalid HWID, what do i do?

    • Your PC Changed HWID, could be caused by a few Different things in Windows, or you may have activated the product with a Spoofer active.
      - Open a Ticket in our "HWID Reset" Department.

    What is the Password for Rar Files?

    • Some of the .RAR files have Passwords
      - They are usually lowercase abbreviations of the Game's name such as (eft), (pubg) etc.

    Realtime Protection keeps turning On?

    • Navigate to our Tool Downloads section and get "dControl"
      - Run this to permanently disable it untill you use dControl to re-enable it.

    Did my Spoofer work?

    • Navigate to our Tools Downloads section and get "HWID Checker"
      - Follow its instructions (Run it BEFORE spoofing)

    Am i HWID Banned?

    • If you are getting Instantly banned, you might be HWID (Hardware ID) banned
      - We ALWAYS recommend running a Spoofer to keep your "REAL" HWID safe and clean.
      - Different games flag different things, Disk ID's, Windows Keys, RAM Serials etc.

    The Game just Updated, is the Product safe to use?

    • Usually we get the Updates from the Developers right after Game updates happens, so refer to our Status page.
      - Usually we recommend waiting an hour or 2 after every game update to be "Safe"

    My Product says "Updating", "Disabled", "Unavailable" - What does this mean?

    • It is either Updating, Paused or Unavailable
      - Further questions may be asked in a Support Ticket.

    What does "HWID Locked" mean?

    • If a Product is "HWID Locked", it simply means that it "Locks" to your PC's HWID and cant be shared/used on another PC
      without resetting the Product Key (HWID Reset).
    • HWID Locked products can get "confused" by spoofers, therefore it is IMPORTANT to follow this procedure when using Spoofers.
      Product -> Spoofer -> Game
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