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$10/2 weeks


Become a Verfied "Item Seller" for Escape From Tarkov.
This Subscription, will allow you to RMT items/roubles etc from EFT on our platform.

This will grant you the permission to post in our RMT Section.
- Please follow the PINNED post in that section, before making your sales-ad.

- Thank you, and thank you for Supporting us!

Cult Management.

$20/30 days

VIP - Direct Supporter

With this subscription you get some of the following items :
- 5% off on all products - VIP-STORE
(excluding anything in RMT sections, accounts, and carrys)
- Access to RMT Section - Sell your Valuables from Carries etc.
- Specials Gifts

The % off will go up with more VIP subs
(For example, 10 subs will get 15% and 10% respectively while 50 subs get 30% and 25%, by no means will they have those percentages and this is to be used as an example only)

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